At junokai a good working atmosphere is very important.

Our clients, partners and service providers are treated with respect, fairness and dependability. We are pleased to meet our employees‘ expectations on an ongoing daily basis.

Our employees can count on us and be sure that we will not only make demands of them but also support them. They have our trust and their opinion is very important to us.

I’m one of junokai’s first employees.

We are in the nice but exhausting start-up-phase. There is a lot to do, things have to develop and grow further.

Tasks are distributed clearly, we exchange views regularly and I make independent decisions for my area of responsibility. I like to show my initiative and to be flexible and tenacious.Kathi Carstensen
junokai GmbH

Jürgen Marx

As a member of the junokai team I have the possibility to deepen and extend my customer service and CRM know how. The requirements within projects and in general are very high in such a way as I am able to develop myself constantly.

At junokai the existing different competencies in all areas of customer service are a great knowledge source for me and leads additionally to better project results. The pleasant and agreeable atmosphere in our team makes it easy to experience an intense and productive exchange even over distance.

Jürgen Marx
junokai GmbH


As a new consultant at junokai I have felt comfortable since my first day here.

The flexibility in working methods and the ability to work independently enable me to use my know-how to find the right solution for every client assignment.

I am convinced that the junokai team ensures competent consulting and therefore achieves maximum customer satisfaction.Udo Ociepka
junokai GmbH


junokai’s extensive Customer Service consulting allows me to assist clients on diverse projects. I have had the confidence to work independently and autonomously since my first day here.

In addition, I have team contacts with broadly diversified competences at all times.

A special junokai strength is a confident work atmosphere and a highly competitive, professional team. We also support each other within a great team which maintains contact even when apart and continue to exchange with each other in a productive manner.Felix Proemel
junokai GmbH


Since my first day at junokai I have felt very comfortable in this extremely professional and efficient team. We all travel a lot as consultants but thanks to digital media, one never has the feeling of working alone.

It is very exciting that by working together with junokai I can optimize customer care processes so that the end consumer experiences optimal service.Tine Schellenberg
junokai GmbH

Sophie Gießler

Working at junokai gives me the possibility to challenge and develop myself. Being part of the junokai team means: I can use my customer care experiences and my personal strengths within the projects. The broad range of professional know-how of my colleagues and the continuous knowledge exchange enables me to increase my knowledge and to find the right solution for the customer. Right from the start I felt very comfortable working at junokai due to the cooperative and professional work atmosphere and the strong team spirit. As a consultant at junokai I am looking forward to many exciting projects.Sophie Gießler
junokai GmbH

Stefan Krankemann

junokai offers me the possibility to develop my previous knowledge and experience by new tasks.
What I particularly like about junokai is making new contacts and working in various fields of activity.
From the start I realized the high professionalism of my colleagues and in addition to that the possibility to work independent.
Despite the frequent travelling I am never more than a phone call or an e-mail away from my colleagues.
My aim working at junokai is to optimize customer care service both for companies and for customers.Stefan Krankemann
junokai GmbH