It is important to us that we efficiently advise and support our clients.

For us this means: Efficiency in results and with respect to the costs.

We offer our clients the possibility of executing our recommendations independently or jointly with us.



Operational experience

junokai partners and consultants have strategic and operational experience in managing domestic and international organizational units at the board and executive management level.

junokai partners have worked in various management positions for more than 15 years: in Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.

Management and operational team perspectives and problems are something we understand from our own practical experience.

Our consultants have practical experience in the areas of Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management and Customer Care. There are also core competencies which we specifically use in projects for our clients.


Strategic vision

junokai hhelps our clients to recognize significant levers for improving their customers’ customer experience during the operational day-to-day business, define appropriate action plans and present them in a transparent manner. This unites the objective of developing long-term strategies for their company success.


Concentrate on what’s feasible

junokai delivers pragmatic suggestions for concrete optimization measures – no non-feasible over-the-top measures. Make something normal exceptionally good: It’s often the small steps which lead to success if they are consistently executed.


Short and concise

junokai does not want to sell endless projects and make our clients dependent on us. We behave the way we would want to benefit from consultants ourselves as a company. For us, knowledge transfer to the client is a given.


Measurable successes

junokai can be measured by recommended action plans and forecasted results. Success-related compensation can also be jointly negotiated.