Improving market share, profitable cost management and increasing customer satisfaction through customer experience management.

Due to market saturation and homogeneous product landscape, all market participants face competitive intensity which repeatedly requires new strategies benefiting business clout in the short-term. The challenge of being different from the competition and retaining customers in the long-term increases. Often the company’s own customers are not seen as an opportunity when focusing on business activity.

Customer experience management offers companies the opportunity to economically develop customer relationships, expand potential and retain customers with convincing performance results. Instead of merely defining customer relationship management through internal processes, our customer experience management model is oriented to concrete cross-channel customer expectations during the customer life cycle and at all touchpoints in the interaction with the company. This model systematically evaluates customer expectations so that the customers’ interest in brand and product is rationally and emotionally reinforced: buy it, buy it again and buy more. We understand who the customer is: He/she is turnover and growth potential, and we adjust strategy, organization, processes and technology to this.

Our experience shows that rational and emotional customer retention positively influences purchasing behavior and helps the customer to resist being tempted by competitors’ offers. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is the key to a long customer relationship, where some errors are forgiven, which does however result in the product or service being actively recommended.

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