Our goal is improving our clients‘ service quality in a consistent manner. 

Our clients and their service providers have to continue working for this goal long term.

When the clients‘ customers are satisfied, the client is satisfied with his external contractors as well.

If the client is pleased with his contractor, there will be equitable strategic and economic growth potential for all affected parties.

Clients, employers and their contractors will benefit. This is what we want to achieve with our service.


junokai’s mission is to advise companies in all customer service areas. This is the case whether we consult on customer management, customer service or customer service center issues. Furthermore, we also do consulting work for call center contractors and both sides if there is a collaboration between clients and contractors. We concentrate on service quality, as it is perceived by customers, because the customer decides whether service is good or bad. 

Our experience is that possibilities for up and cross selling (outbound or inbound through sales after support) are strongly influenced by customer satisfaction. A customer service department can differentiate while generating added value for both clients and the company. Therefore good customer service can also be used for sales. 

Are you planning to improve the quality of service in your company? Together, we can develop methods to work on your ideas. Moreover, we offer elaborated, tried and tested modules within our consulting portfolio. 



Optimization packages

Based on our customer care experience, we developed several consulting modules to help our clients recognize flaws and work on optimization to improve their customers‘ satisfaction. With structured procedures it is possible to save time and resources and generate maximum results with minimum costs. Here are some of our exclusively developed and selected modules:


The „CoManagement“ service/contact center

The idea is to outsource a complete service center exclusively for one client at one location.

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Central Knowledge

A current and well structured knowledge management system is the most important component of good customer service.

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The “Mystery Agent”

A junokai consultant will work as a Service Representative in your service center for three months.

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The “health check”

We developed several health checks that inform the client about the state of his company.

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Interim Management

When requested, we assume management roles in your company or in your company’s customer management/customer service area until your company is ready to staff the position or project completion. We examine the responsibilities based on availability in our company in order to find the right expert for you.