Central knowledge

A current and well-structured knowledge base is at the heart of customer service.

Independent of individuals, knowledge can be compiled for numerous purposes and contact channels for subsequent usage.

Whether as a basis of information for the agent on the telephone, for email processing or live chat, for the customer in online self-service, displaying FAQs or setting up a virtual agent and of course also as a basis for text modules and standard texts – a well filled and always current knowledge base can be used for a wide variety of purposes. In the multi-channel service center this base will be the most important source of information, supplying the customer with the right information at any time through each channel.

In addition to the actual content, maintenance and updating processes should be considered. There is nothing worse than outdated or even incorrect information. Customer service units often underestimate this requires a lot of editorial effort.

Many companies first notice after introducing new contact channels such as online self-service, how much effort is required in the background to significantly reduce personal contact with agents and offer the customer complete assistance through an online channel.

junokai will help you design a strategy to develop, maintain and use your knowledge base. This will be the basis for truly multi-channel contact management. We will provide competent support to prevent the second step from preceding the important first step.
The better the foundation (knowledge base) the easier it is to add additional contact channels (e.g. online self-service or a virtual agent).