The “Co-Managed” Service Center

The idea: the outsourced operation of a service center, exclusively for one client at one location.

The client gets much closer to the project, has complete transparency and can influence, which then influences the service quality experienced by the customer in the long-term. The center becomes a “semi in-house center”, which can have a showcase or labor character.

Our experience has shown us that clients who use a service provider are far more satisfied. This is because a “co-managed” service center is far more convenient for the client and is less expensive than completely setting up and operating a self-run center.

At the same time, it offers more individuality, competence, quality and proximity than a center, in which several projects and clients are being serviced.

We will support you with design, business case calculation, argumentation for the client in presentation/concept form, implementation and operation – also gladly on a results-only basis.