We offer strategic, organizational, technology and process consulting for the areas of marketing, sales and customer service.

Our action is always connected to the goal of achieving long-term company successes. With our portfolio of skills, we guide our clients from strategy to organizational restructuring. We develop related processes and introduce changes to supporting systems or provide management with strategic and operational support during digital transformation. Our pledge: high-level, improved customer experience, which is competitive and as a business effect, contributes to our client’s corporate success.




A strategy always focuses the view on the future. All companies are faced with the same challenge: creating success for the future, due to increasing competitive pressure, demographic influence on developing new customer types, technological changes and digital transformation.

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The digital transformation is a challenge as well as an opportunity. There are central issues here such as: What is the right path? What does this transformation mean for one’s corporate strategy? Which actions among most possibilities are at all relevant for one’s own company?

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Customer experience management requires modern IT support. This begins with channel management, or providing the right contact channels based on customer preferences.

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Currently, companies are facing the challenge of aligning their customer service standards and processes with changing customer needs to competitively exist and differentiate themselves.

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How can efficiency and effectiveness be increased within the development and process organization for customer service? How does it look? The agile and cost-optimized structure of a multi-channel customer service solution?

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Optimizing operational excellence as well as increasing efficiency and effectiveness are the day-to-day responsibilities and goals of operational management in a contact center.

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